Q1: What is the delivery timeframe for SOYER Conveyor System and Sortation & Labeling Printing System?

A1: Spiral Conveyor: The delivery time for each spiral conveyor varies depending on the specific request and specifications, typically taking around 25 days.

A2: Straight Conveyor and Curve Conveyor: Generally, each unit of straight conveyor and curve conveyor is completed within 3 to 5 days. For precise delivery estimates, please reach out to us directly.

A3: Sortation and Labeling Printing System: For standard designs or when no special parts are requested, such as unique motors or printers, the typical delivery time for a single sortation and labeling machine is approximately 15-20 days.

Q2: Do you provide on-site installation service for SOYER Conveyor?

A: The provision of on-site installation service depends on the customer's preferences. You have the option to install standard machines, including spiral lifts, straight conveyors, curve conveyors, and labeling printing machines, by yourselves. Alternatively, you can request on-site installation, particularly for customized solutions. If you choose to install the equipment yourselves, please ensure that all spiral lifts and conveyors are properly rigged up and prepared for installation. Additionally, our user manual is available upon request to assist with installation procedures.

Q3: What is the warranty period of SOYER Conveyor and Other Equipment?  

A:  The warranty period for motors and transmission chains is 1 year. For information regarding the warranty period of other accessories, please contact us directly.

Q4: Which motor is installed in SOYER Conveyor, and can it be specified?

A: The motor typically installed in SOYER Conveyor is the SEW Brand motor and SERVO motor. However, customers have the option to specify other brand motors based on their requirements. As for other parts such as bearings and transmission chains, if no specific brand is specified by the customer, they are sourced from reliable suppliers in China. Customers also have the flexibility to appoint other brands for these parts if desired.


Q5: What’s the Maximum speed of SOYER vertical spiral conveyor and horizontal conveyor?

A:  The maximum speed of SYM conveyor is 60M/min.


Q6: What’s the minimum inner turning radius of SOYER curve conveyor?

A:  The minimum inner turning radius of the SOYER curve conveyor is 300mm, with a maximum radius of up to 1600mm.

Q7: What’s the Maximum width of SOYER belt conveyor ?

A: The maximum conveyor belt width for both the SOYER belt conveyor and SOYER belt curve conveyor is 1200mm.

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